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Comenius Lifelong Learning Project

Comenius Visit To Marcoma, Italy
11th- 14th December 2013

The diary of Annabell

Tuesday 11 December 2013

Today we started our journey to Sardinia. We met at school at six o'clock and from there we went to the Düsseldorf airport with Mrs Sten. It was my first time flying so I was really excited. Flying is really awesome! It makes a funny feeling in your belly.
We landed in Sardinia at about three o'clock and from there we went to a train station with a small bus (People from Italy drive really crazy). We had to wait for the train so we decided to eat at a little restaurant.  After two hours of waiting we had to go by bus because there was no train (That is Sardinia).
We arrived at Marcoma train station at I think it was 9 o'clock. There we met our hosts and went home. I was really tired so I got into bed after dinner.


Wednesday 12 December 2013

Today I got up early I don't really know why. Okay, so we went to school at about 7:45  and there, the teachers and the other people from the different countries where waiting.  First we introduced ourselves, then there was a small history about Macomer.  Then they showed us the school. The school is really nice. They have a hairdresser in their school where the students can practice their skills. After school I went with Antonello (my host, a really nice guy) and his family to three different types of places. First they showed me an Urigami. After that we went to a town that was built in a mountain, the last thing they showed me was an awesome view ....then we drove home, had dinner and talked a bit. I really like my host family, they are so friendly and funny!       

The sunset was AMAZING! I had never seen something like this before


Thursday 13 December 2013

Today we held our presentation, after that we all had lunch together. Then we went home. At six a clock Antonello and I went to town and met up with some other guys of the Comenius club. They showed us Marcoma. It is a nice town. You really can't see that there was a flood ten days ago. After the tour we went to a little club. (The owners are the parents of one of the boys...don't know which one).  And there I met Mrs Sten. Well she was on the way to her hotel so she just passed by. We went to a Pizza restaurant and sat and chatted there for about two hours. It was much fun. A small pizza in Italy is like a normal pizza in Germany. When we arrived home we had dinner. Then we wanted to watch a movie but there were some complications so we could not. So we decided to play a bit with Willy. Willy is the really happy dog of my host family (It is so cute). 
I really like my host mother (we always communicated over Google translator)

Ah! I nearly forgot my host mother showed me together with Antonello another awesome view!!!


Friday 14 December 2013

Today was the last day in Sardinia. We had the fashion show...so embarrassing....but it was fun. Then all of us went to Bosa, a town near Marcoma. They showed us a lot of the town and I had to walk a lot...really exhausting (well...maybe only for me...). We had a lot of fun and we were talking happily all the time (Mhh, now Italian students think German students are a bit crazy but who cares). Then it was time to go home and for me to say goodbye to everybody because I will not see them tomorrow. I don't want to leave or maybe just stay a little bit longer because everybody is so nice! 

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